California Jubilee

In September of 2012 Steve and Chanzie decided to start a performance/competition team. With the overwhelming response they received, they decided instead to start 3 teams, utilizing dancers of all levels and starting the California Jubilee Academy.

As of now the Academy consists of 2 Collegiate Shag teams called LA Varsity Shag and LA Junior Varsity Shag. They also formed a Lindy Hop/Twist performance group to their Let’s Twist Again routine.
In March of 2013 they started 2 Lindy Hop teams. Just like with their Collegiate Shag teams they have a varsity and junior varsity. The goal for all the teams is to compete at the National Jitterbug Championships in late August/early September 2013. In the meantime, the teams will be performing at dances and events in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Keep your eyes peeled for more dance videos of the California Jubilee to come in the near future. Auditions for their next shag and lindy teams will be in November 2013.

JV Shag Team

California_Jubilee1 California_Jubilee2

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