SUNDAYS (June 1st-29th)
6-8pm LA SHAG Team Practice (no drop-ins)

MONDAYS (June 2nd-30th)
7pm Beginner Lindy
8pm Intermediate Lindy
9pm Advanced Lindy

TUESDAYS (June 3rd-24th)
8-10pm LA LINDY Team Practice (no drop-ins)

WEDNESDAYS (June 4th-25th)
8pm Beginner Shag
9pm Intermediate Shag

THURSDAYS (5th-26th)
9pm Blues, Soul and Slow Dance (and by special request we will add a bit of Merengue and Carolina Shag)


MONDAYS (July 7th-28th)
8pm Intermediate Lindy
9pm Advanced Lindy

TUESDAYS (July 1st-29th)
8-10pm LA Lindy Team practice

WEDNESDAYS (July 2nd-30th)
8pm Partner Charleston/St. Louis Shag (ALL LEVELS)
9pm Intermediate/Advanced Collegiate Shag

THURSDAYS (July 3rd-31st)
8pm LA Lindy Team Practice

SUNDAYS (July 6th-27th)
6-8pm LA Shag Team practice

All classes are $15, drop-ins welcome except for team practices.

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